Monthly Archives: March 2020

Solitude Can Make You More Successful

It’s important to spend time around people. you’ll improve your habits and learn new things when you’re surrounded by interesting people. Of course, much of life’s biggest joys stem from our relationships. All that is beautiful has always happened in aloneness; nothing has happened in a crowd. Nothing of the beyond has happened except when one is in absolute solitude, alone. But an excessive amount of “people time” may additionally  be a nasty thing. Our digital devices often make us desire...

Top Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training Course

It is your decision to pursue Yoga either professionally or simply recreationally, but Yoga teacher training will definitely change your life once and for all. It is one among those programs we all should take, not for the only objective of getting a career in Yoga, but mostly to realize a perspective of life and to evolve as true human beings – full of self-control, love, compassion and kindness. Just what the world needs at the present moment, isn’t...

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