For those who are looking for an advanced yoga training, Ekant Yoga School India provides the best 300 hours yoga teacher training in India. This course is the best blend of yoga traditions from all parts of India and helps you discover the unique secrets of Yoga. Besides exploring the ancient yoga techniques, this program will help you discover the healing and educational aspects of yoga. So that by the end of this advance yoga teacher training India program not only have you adopted a healthy lifestyle, but you are also motivated and confident to transform thousands of other lives.

Among other programs, this advance yoga teacher training in India is a highlight of Ekant Yoga alliance. This program is intended for serious yoga teachers, who are willing to explore the deep secrets of ancient yoga forms.

This advance yoga teacher training program spans around a month and comprises of rigorous practice of ancient yoga forms, in-depth educational lectures, and creative exploration. And at the end of this program, you are certified and confident to raise your own unique voice.

The course of our 300-hours Yoga Teacher training in India

For the yoga trainers looking to explore the educational, healing, and spiritual dimensions of yoga, this 300-hours yoga teacher training in India is all you need. The comprehensive course of this program includes:

  • This advance course opens with a brief review of the essential anatomical and physiological concepts of yoga. It helps you understand the healing, alignment, energetic, and adjustment perspective of Yoga in a better way.
  • A couple of early classes on the magnificent history of yoga to keep you motivated.
  • Understanding the very foundation of yoga i.e. prana and chakra which are the basic force and framework of yoga.
  • Daily yoga practice classes of advanced restorative postures.
  • Sessions of quiet breathing and meditation in between the sessions to get you back in spirit and streamline the pace of the program.
  • Classes of Yoga Nidra to help you discover the healing aspect of yoga and awareness of self-consciousness.
  • Several classes and practice sessions on a number of yoga forms including; Asana, Hatha, Kriyas, Pranayama, and Ayurveda.
  • Special boating and swimming sessions for the yoga trainers signing our 300-hour advance yoga teacher training program India.
  • Introduction with Spiritual Immersion and Ancient Texts and Wisdom.
  • Different yoga therapies including; yoga and the brain, yoga for stress relief, and trauma-informed
  • Practice and teaching sessions to boost your confidence.

The aim of our advance yoga teacher training program in India is to reveal the true essence and reality of yoga to our students. We help our students discover their own voice and inspire others as well.


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