Yoga Classes in Ahmednagar


We offer a variety of daily yoga classes and other movement classes open to the public on a drop-in basis.  Classes are held in our beautiful Ekant Yoga Studio. We tailor the sessions to try to provide something for all levels of practitioners, from first-timers to seasoned yogis.

We are here to lovingly support you in listening to your body, meeting yourself in each moment and inviting yourself to go deeper into connecting with your body, breath and creative spirit. Feel the brilliant green nature surrounding as you get out of your head and connect to your inner rhythm. Our friendly and knowledgeable teachers can help you deepen your practice at any skill and experience level.

Everyday, rain or shine! Come experience a variety of daily yoga classes and special workshops with top quality teachers from around the globe!

Types of Classes-

1. Hatha Yoga

This class may include forward bends, backward bends, spinal twists, inversions and sun or moon salutations. Join us to increase the flexibility of the spine, strengthen bones and stimulate the circulatory and immune systems.

Beginners and advanced yogis will take delight in this class. This class focuses on alignment, improving strength and flexibility. This class is suitable for all levels and is a great introduction to yoga for new students.

Benefits: Nourishes the joints, increases flexibility and strength, improves posture, and calms the mind.

Good for: This class is suitable to all levels of those who practice yoga.

2. Vinyasa Flow

A powerful class that connects fast and slow movements with the breath and free flowing movement. Vinyasa means to flow from posture to posture with the breath. The practice becomes, over time, with practice, a moving meditation. This is an energetic yoga class, combining Vinyasa (movement with breath) with a Hatha practice (longer held postures). Each movement and posture will not only focus on building strength and flexibility in different parts of the body but will also still the chattiness of the mind, leaving the student feeling fully rejuvenated from the inside out.

Benefits: Strengthens core, balance and endurance. Provides a cardiovascular workout as well as a peaceful mind.

Good for: For those who want to increase muscle strength and flexibility, lose weight, and enjoy a good challenging, mindful practice.

3. Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a gentle, simple, (yet not easy) grounding practice which focuses on the deepest connective tissues including joints, bones, ligaments, cartilage and fascial bands within the body. Through long held relaxed postures, we safely stretch and soften these tissues. Yin yoga teaches the body to ‘turn off’ the muscles and work with the sheets of connective tissue that surround the muscles. Great to compliment your vinyasa practice.

Benefits: Bring balance and calm to the body, regulates energy in the body, increases mobility especially in the joints, release of fascia throughout the body, make it easier to sit in meditation for longer periods of time.

Good for: All students.

4. Private Yoga – By Appointment

Dive deeper into your practice or build a solid foundation if you are new to yoga with a one on one private session. With the concentrated focus and attention of private  yoga lessons, you will be able to feel more comfortable if you are uneasy about stepping into a class setting. In addition, if you already have an established practice, one on one sessions will facilitate the process of getting the most of out this ancient practice of yoga and all its physical, mental, and heart centering benefits.

You are never too out of shape, overweight, old, or too ill to benefit from yoga that’s taught specifically for your conditions. Let us design a personalized program to meet your needs. If you have a current practice we can evaluate it and makes changes to adjust it for your current conditions, both accommodating restrictions or growing your practice.

We offer private yoga lessons in our studio or we’ll come to your place. Contact us for more details at

We believe the practice of yoga is for people of all ages, all levels, all intentions. Our classes will challenge you physically, but more than that they will be an opportunity to increase self-awareness, knowledge and joy. We welcome you to us at Ekant Yoga for celebration of Life!

Daily Schedule 

7:30 – 8:30 AM

4:30 – 5:30 PM

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