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She has completed a 200 hour TTC in Traditional Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow at in Goa, as well as a 300 hour TTC. Yoga came on her path eight years ago. Throughout the years, yoga became a lifestyle that helped her accept her body and expand her mind's boundaries. With that, the spark to share it with others grew more powerful. Now, her mission is to empower others to re-establish a healthy relationship with the body and relax the mind's demands of modern city life. In her view, the personality of the body is always leading, and only by integrating healthy practices in your life will you benefit from yoga in its entirety. Balancing your mind to being able to listen to its signals - being pains, diseases or injuries, you will always not only grow your body’s wisdom but also your mind’s capacity to expand itself and give your life a deeper purpose. As it is so easy to get lost in the jungle of trendy, urban yoga and yoga philosophy teachings nowadays, Paria approaches yoga with one simple premise: yoga is there to serve you to explore your uniqueness, from the inside-out
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