Yoga Classes in Ahmednagar

Yoga Classes in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Yoga is a timeless pragmatic science evolved over thousands of years dealing with the physical, moral, mental and spiritual well-being. Yoga improves strength and flexibility, breathing, blood circulation, stress relief, confidence, and concentration. Yoga is non-competitive practice focusing on your body & breathing with awareness. You can start practicing yoga at any phase of your life, regardless of your age, physical ability, and flexibility. Our daily yoga practice includes pranayama, meditation & asanas (poses) followed by relaxation. You will experience the emptiness and silent during and after the class. The classes are designed for practitioners of any level (beginner, intermediate & advanced). The teachers adapt to the energy and level of the group and individuals. The most wonderful aspect of this type of class is that you are able to practice in a group but, instead of feeling that you have to keep up with others, you can go at your own pace. You have access to a teacher’s watchful eye and helping hand, but in a less intense atmosphere than a one-to-one session.

Daily Classes Timing –

Vinyasa Flow – 08:00-09:30 am

Hatha Yoga (Traditional Style) – 4:30-6:00pm

*Sunday Holiday


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