Mobile phone:

Mobile phone are used for many reasons and It has become the most popular device-wide word, mobile phones are more than communication is used in making a video, for browsing on the social media platform, it also serves as information that people can know what is happening around them. The mobile phone can be compared to a computer because it has the facilities that a computer and it can also be connected with a computer to get some information from it.

With the help of the mobile phone, there’s no need of you buying film to watch on TV all you have to do is to go to YouTube search the name of the movie and you got it, mobile phones have really helped a lot. Also if you want to transfer money to another account there’s no need of going to the bank, you can make a transfer through your mobile phone.

The mobile phone is also used for audio recorder, video recorder, music player, calculator, game platforms, multimedia message, emails, there are so many uses of mobile phone.


The laptop is discovering in all place around the world, without a laptop, the world might be uncompleted because of the way we are using a mobile phone for communication, the laptop is also essential nowadays. The laptop can be identified as one of the most creative changes of people and it will be a huge device due, to the fact that technology is improving every day. With the help of a laptop, it had brought new ideas to human life and has made a great impact on the lifestyle of human being

The laptop had help in marketing and sales product and enlarge in sales, this laptop can give details about a product to the customers through the internet. Many marketers use the laptop to promote their business.

Laptop are also use in banking, most especially if they want to get information about their customer they don’t have to write it down in a register, they use this laptop to store information. The laptop is used by many organization and this helps a lot in their business


Uses of the Internet is essential to our daily life and it makes our lives easy and simple. This internet can be used to send and receive emails, you can learn something new on online, play games with other people online, you can use the internet to promote your business online, online education, you can do online course and improve in your learning ability, online shopping where you can order for any you want, social media, internet plays an important role in our daily life.


Are We Losing Our Memory?

The question is we losing our memory with the use of mobile phones, laptop, and internet. It has both truth and false.

The truth is that the mobile use of phones, laptop and internet has played an important role in the daily life of human being and has become a popular device-world wide.

With the use of phone you can communicate, browse, chat, play music, play games you can also download games with the help of phone you don’t have to have to send a letter before you can communicate with your friends and family, phone has made it easier for us to talk with our family and friends, you can also see your longtime friend with the help phone on social media phone really useful to our daily activities.

With the use of a laptop, you can save your personal information and it also helps in marketing businesses online and has made it easier for people to make money online this laptop gas really help many marketers to promote their business and has helped a lot of business organizations with their word.

The use of internet has helped to learn new things online like online education whereby people are educated online. Through the internet you can also send and receive emails online, it helps in giving information. The internet also plays an essential role in the life of human being.

The false of using mobile phones, internet, and laptop is that doesn’t allow people to use their brains again you can imagine a student given the assignment to work at home but instead of using his brain to solve his homework, he just browse the question online and the answers were brought out and it has made a negative impacts on the life of student.

Additionally, the use of mobile phones and computers have limited what we do with our brains. We all tend to forget the fact that the more we make use of our brain, the more it gets better. But the use of these devices has successfully helped us in turning blind eyes to helping our brain and memory.

Other false of using internet phones and laptops include:

  • Stress: Use of these devices and technology result in stress and stress is linked to weak memory and even loss of memory.
  • Increased anxiety: Relying on something or texting as a means of communication can result in increased anxiety which gives a ripple effect on the memory.
  • Loss of sleep: Having these devices or technology means you will spend more time using them. Spending more time using them will deprive you of your sleeping hours which will, in turn, affect your memory.

It is also a distraction because people don’t concentrate again in what they are doing, these social media platforms have made some people lose their brain, you can imagine a human being posting pictures of his/her nudity all in the name of popularity.

Some people are making use of these mobile phones, laptop, and internet in the wrong way, while some are making use of it in the right way.