Yoga Teacher Training in India

Ekant Yoga offers  100 Hours, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Teacher Training in India. We provide a thorough, practical, comprehensive, holistic, integrative and in-depth that honors the ancient practices and traditions of yoga yet evolves to address modern focus. Our goal is to ensure that we provide a consistently high academic standard of learning and experience within the field of yoga studies as a way to contribute to the health and well-being of all students and teachers alike.  These trainings are for students looking to become Yoga Teachers, or for those who want to take their yoga practice to a deeper level. Come immerse yourself beyond the classroom in India with a group of like-minded students from around the world. We hold the best programs for both the beginners and professionals which enables them to learn and spread a huge asset of our civilization.

Yoga is one of the oldest art known to human civilization with history well over 5000 years. Once used to be an art of Indian civilization, it is now rapidly becoming popular throughout the world. It doesn’t merely include sitting in a pose and taking deep breaths. It demands both physical and mental focus and instills spirituality. Which makes it an amazing exercise for both the body and mind.

Ekant Yoga School India intends to bring a healthy change in your daily routine. It brings you closer to spirituality and helps you relieve all your stress and worries. We help you advance towards your goal and discover all the secrets and philosophies of yoga. So that you can adopt a healthy lifestyle and be an inspiration to others

Top reasons to choose Ekant Yoga

Experienced Teacher

Ekant yoga teacher training carries the experience of years of high standard yoga education and practice. Our expert yoga trainers and support personnel. Which gives you the best experience of your life.

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Family Environment

When you have an environment so friendly you don’t feel like away from your family. All the people in the Ekant yoga teacher training program are friendly and open-minded. Above all, the staff is always ready to help you.

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Nature and Spirituality

We provide the best environment with beautiful nature and spirituality surrounding you all the time. You can feel a strong bond with nature especially with the heartwarming sunrise and sunset yoga locations.

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Yoga School in India

The Yoga Teacher training program of Ekant Yoga is a complete package. The right mixture of Asana Practice, Meditation, Philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurveda with experienced teachers makes our teacher training program stand out among others.

From basic Asana and Meditation postures to heart-warming Pranayama and Kriyas techniques, we provide a wide variety of Yoga practice. And once you have completed our program you can feel the change in yourself. Besides you can get certification by joining our programs and start your career as an inspiring yoga teacher. And if you are already a trainer you can take your training to the next level.

Ekant Yoga School provides a flexible yoga teacher training program in India which provides you the option to choose from a wide variety of programs. Our programs include; 100-hour yoga teacher training India program, 200-hour yoga teacher training India program, 300-hours teacher training India program, 500-hours teacher training India program. Every program is unique and a compact mixture of different forms of yoga so that you have a well-rounded yoga training.

Our trainers are highly qualified and they make the program worth every single penny and second of yours. They make sure that you learn and practice accurate postures. They are willing to help at any point and make it a valuable experience for you. And with regular breathing sessions in between and plenty of rest and meditation, we make sure that you enjoy your time and don’t overdo.

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