How to Be a Traveling Yoga Teacher

If you have a lot of friends or contacts who are Yoga Teachers, then by just digging into their social media handles you will notice that almost all of them are traveling and teaching yoga abroad. But despite that, there are a lot of other yoga teachers who are trying very hard to find a way to achieve the same. Teaching yoga abroad offers a lot of benefits. It is a great opportunity for visiting new places, try new foods and cultures and also connect with a whole bunch of yoga enthusiasts. This also works as a great chance of personal growth and gaining experience. If you have been feeling clueless about how to be a traveling yoga teacher, then keep reading on as we decode it for you step by step.

As the preliminary step, you first of all need to create your own yoga CV. This is the most essential and secret key for landing a yoga teaching job abroad. You need to make sure that your CV stands out from the crowd and it must denote that you are professional, reliable and good at your job. Do mention your personal details, a short brief about your teaching style, information regarding your yoga education, experience and also add some images about some of the sessions you have held or some great shots of your yoga practice. After creating a compact yet remarkable CV you need to look out for yoga teaching opportunities online. There are plenty of websites where you can find open positions and you can also find several Facebook groups for new opportunities. Another great way to start your career is by applying to volunteer opportunities. You can find several websites to apply and start your career. This will slowly but steadily help you to make a good and wide CV and ultimately help you to land more options. Presently there are several Yoga studios where a large number of people are attached for taking part in Yoga workshops and this can work as the perfect launching pad for your career. Nothing works better than word of the mouth and personal recommendations. You need to socialize with other people who are teaching yoga abroad. You can get tips on places to teach at or potential job openings. They will help you to find the right spot for you or can even take you along with them for a team-up. This can make you create a network and learn about opportunities.

Some famous holiday resorts and retreat centers have fitness and yoga centers on their premises and they often organize yoga camps for their visitors. This is a great platform for you to become a traveling yoga teacher. You can get in touch with them to teach in those workshops. Some resorts may even be looking for a permanent yoga teacher and if you are lucky enough you can land that job. You can head out on a spiritual journey, targeting the countries of South East Asia where you can offer your services as a traveling yoga teacher in exchange for accommodation or for food which will help you to save up on your budget. Apart from that, another important step is for teaching yoga abroad is building your website. Your website works as the storefront of your business. Any of the interested participants will first of all like to take a look at your website to know about your teaching style, your past experience, and other things. Do not forget to put up some nice pictures of you practicing yoga poses as they will get noticed first. Again as a highly important step always keep yourself updated about the latest visa and immigration norms. When you are looking for teaching yoga abroad you need to be permitted to work officially in most of the countries you are traveling as a tourist. So always to research whether the government of that certain country allows people from your nationality to work on their land, or how long does it take to get a work visa and so on. This will help you to avert any unhappy dilemmas that you may face. Now that you have learned about all the technical things which you need to care about let’s come to a very important part which is always needed and that is keeping practicing. Always keep a time allotted for self-practice as nothing can beat you if you are in the best form. And as more you practice, you will achieve perfection and can help your students improve.

So these are some essential points to help you know about how to become a yoga instructor and travel the world. But apart from following these steps what you need to do is believe in yourself. As a Yoga Instructor, you are teaching people to stay positive and keep their minds open but it will never work out if you also do the same for yourself. Keep believing yourself, keep practicing, keep looking for opportunities, keep your mind open and clear and keep your targets locked and this will easily help you in teaching yoga abroad.