It is your decision to pursue Yoga either professionally or simply recreationally, but Yoga teacher training will definitely change your life once and for all. It is one among those programs we all should take, not for the only objective of getting a career in Yoga, but mostly to realize a perspective of life and to evolve as true human beings – full of self-control, love, compassion and kindness. Just what the world needs at the present moment, isn’t it?

Throughout your yoga teacher training, you will be led through several ‘Asana labs’ where you will get to completely dissect different postures – and therefore the way your body expresses them.

With your newfound body awareness, you’ll be such a lot better ready to move through your life without getting hurt. You will walk more mindfully, run more mindfully, ski more mindfully then on. You are going to be come better ready to predict the skills of your body and thus will be ready to stay strong and limber for all times .

In your yoga teacher training, you will be tested; your will, your ability to hold postures, your ability to focus, your ability to speak in front of people will all be strengthened and stretched. You will come out of the other side of your training feeling physically stronger, but also mentally and emotionally stronger too.

You will start to notice more of your thought patterns in Asana, in meditation, in lecture, in presentation, and this information will help you tune into your mental tracts. You will gain a clearer understanding of how your mind currently works, and you will then have the information you need to help you make changes if needed. Generally, the act of becoming aware is the most powerful tool for transformation.

To deepen your practice past the physical aspect. True yoga isn’t just physical movement; it’s also an indoor practice. It’s not only about keeping the body healthy; it’s also about calming the mind and bringing it back to the present moment through maintaining awareness on the sensations in the body and breathing. On the surface , it’s going to not appear to be a yogi is doing much, but what about internally? This is your chance to find out!

To learn more about the body-mind connection through Pranayama (breathing practices). The breath is that the bridge between your mind and body. Your breathing pattern changes when your mind/emotion changes. Knowing this, the traditional yogis found that we will alter our mind by manipulating our breathing patterns. In a YTTC, you’ll learn the correct way to do Pranayama. It’s vital to practice Pranayama properly, because your mind are often negatively impacted if you practice it incorrectly.

To explore your spirituality. Regardless of what religious or cultural background you come from, as you begin to question yourself, naturally you’ll also start to question the items around you. As you spend time in contemplation, you will also begin to gain a deeper understanding of spirituality, and perhaps find out certain things you feel you would like to change.This is a really personal matter, and no teacher or guru can tell you what you ought to or shouldn’t do. So it is good to find out for yourself how you would like to grow spiritually.

To challenge yourself mentally and physically. Immersing yourself during a yoga lifestyle isn’t for the faint hearted! A yogic lifestyle may be a far cry from our typical modern-day lifestyle, so it’ll be a challenge to adapt to the new changes which will come your way. You will practice yoga for a minimum of two or three hours daily and attend classes the whole day. It will be a complete turnaround from your usual routine. Are you up for the challenge?

During YTTC, you’ll come face-to-face together with your inner self. If you are ready to take responsibility for your life, this is your chance to learn how. Through the knowledge of philosophy and self-study, you will start to realize that your life’s story is solely dependent on how you choose to write it. Your relationship with others around you doesn’t begin until you know yourself. YTTC is that the perfect opportunity for you to spend a while with yourself.

To share the joy of yoga with others. If you’re already contemplating joining a YTTC, yoga must have helped you tremendously in a method or another. And what better thanks to pay it forward than spreading the thrill of yoga? Whether you opt to show or not, joining a YTTC will allow you to collect lifelong information to assist others in need. In the future, you may cross paths with someone who could benefit from your yogic knowledge.

A YTTC is an investment in yourself. It may or might not be monetarily rewarding, but yoga teacher training is certainly rewarding in other ways. Yoga teaches you to love yourself. And by loving yourself, you’ll automatically start loving others around you. In fact, many YTTC graduates say that their lives are divided into two parts – before YTTC, and after YTTC. Yoga teacher training offers the required opportunity to require day off to raised yourself and grow as a private.

Yoga brings positive changes to the way you view your life. Asana isn’t enough but it’s a crucial aspect because if the body remains the mind remains which leaves you more centred. Yoga teacher training allows you to explore yoga from all angles which increase your awareness. Increased awareness allows you to ascertain the negative and positive aspects of certain behaviours, aspects in your life and relationships and this enables you to vary . Heightened awareness leads to personal growth also. In fact lengthened yoga practices teacher you discipline, humility and leaves you open and aware of combat what life has got to offer with more composure and self-control and these are not small achievements. Yoga teacher training gives you an opportunity to heal and to coach for the change that you simply seek and which can be joyous for you.